The Bike Rebel(s)

As the offspring of a bunch of spinning (RPM) fanatics, The Bike Rebels called themselves Spin Doctors at first.

After they bought hybrid “ATB” bicycles by the end of 2003, they expanded their activities – much like the mob – into the outside world.

Despite the much enjoyed activities they undertook together, the group fell apart after a while…

Since that time, Robert and his beloved Paula keep the legend alive, especially Robert’s half-witted alter ego Cyclopaat*, the ultimate Bike Rebel

After ravaging the south of the Netherlands, the Ardennes and the Eifel, he wandered off into the high mountains and after his first battles there, he’s since been in Italy, Austria, Switzerland and France for some serious mountain climbing…

He also participated in the Alpe d’HuZes challenge in 2012 – a fund raising event to help cancer research, climbing the alp several times in one day – and obtained the “Cinglé du Mont Ventoux” and the “Brevet des 7 Cols de l’Ubaye”.

In retrospect, it probably all was a midlife crisis that went horribly wrong 🙂

  • Cyclopaat is the nickname he carries like a badge of honor. It’s actually a contraption of the words cyclosportive and psychopath (or sociopath – he was in doubt about that). The Dutch words are ‘psychopaat’ and ‘sociopaat’, hence it’s Cyclopaat instead of  Cyclopath…
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