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I already shamelessly dubbed my cycling adventures in France ‘Tour de France‘ and those in Italy ‘Giro d’Italia‘, so it should not come as a surprise that, now I have planned an adventure in Switzerland, I will dub it the ‘Tour de Suisse’.

In 2015, I already had a taste of what Switzerland has to offer, when I concluded my Giro d’Italia of that year with an entirely Swiss epilogue.

That stage brought me the Gotthard (old Tremola road), the Furka and the Grimsel and I was so impressed by the landscape and the overwhelming views, that I promised I would be back one day.

So, in August this year, Paula will once again support me in yet another crazy quest…

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Tour de Suisse 2019

Belvedere near the summit of the Furka
Hotel Belvedere on the Belvedere on the Furka – photo credit: Anthony Leutenegger Photography

This year’s official Tour de Suisse, will take place from June 15th to June 23rd. While this is an event I like to follow – and watch, if it is at all possible to find a feed – this post is to inform you that I will construct a ‘Tour de Suisse 2019’ of my own 🙂

I already have my own Giro and Tour, and at the end of my last Giro d’Italia in 2015, I rode a final stage in Switzerland.

This stage made such an impression, that I promised myself to get back there one day, so as usal, I have no problem dubbing that Tour de Suisse.

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