3T Vola Team Stealth

Having enjoyed our holiday in the ever sunny beach resort of Hurghada – average temperature around 32 degrees Celsius, 11 to 12 hours of sun per day – we returned to a ridiculously cold hometown.

With temperatures between 2 and 8 degrees, I felt like having landed somewhere in the Arctic and cycling was resumed on the trainer once again.

I’m lucky enough to have multiple platforms to chose from, ranging from Zwift, to CVT and Tacx (TTS), but even so I eventually feel like the BTC is collapsing on me.

Besides, the Batbike was standing in the corner of the living room, like one of the many statues of Egyptian gods we have collected over the years and I was feeling more guilty every day for not taking it out.

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Sensa Giulia G2 – First Impressions

The Batbike

Update: the Batbike has since been fitted with a 3T Vola Team Stealth – read about it here.

As I obviously did not want to get my brand new Sensa Giulia G2 dirty – God forbid! – I continued cycling indoors on my demoted Element all through January and February.

Well, I did get out on the Bulls a couple of times, but other than that, I was honing my skills on the various indoor cycling platforms (mostly Zwift and CVT though).

Not such a bad way to spend time on zee baik, and I totally disagree with those ‘bad ass’ riders who argue that indoor rides amount to next to nothing, but I do agree that a real outdoor ride has it’s own unique merits.

Between those indoor rides, I was ‘finetuning’ my Batbike, with clip-on aerobars, an ‘all black’ saddle* and a Stages PM, waiting for the weather to change.

And one week after my frosty tour of Flanders, it finally did and I took the Sensa Giulia G2 for a spin.

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Sensa Giulia G2

Minion MistletoeMy new bike arrived just in time for Santa to wrap it as a Christmas gift – the Sensa Giulia G2 Project Paint Custom was delivered to him last Tuesday.

Although I was not amused with Canyon, who were unable to deliver the Ultimate CF SL 9.0 Aero I ordered with them, I was happy with that in the end.

When I searched for another bike, I came across the Sensa, which on top of everything else is “Dutch design”.

As this brand is also sold by my LBS, this means that if I have a problem or warranty issue with it, I do not have to ship it back to Germany…

And it was love at first sight with this “special edition” of the G2 – obviously, de gustibus non est disputandum, but my taste for dark, matt design, is no secret.

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