Tour de France 2021 – Stage 6

Col du Mollard and Chalmieu

Not a real horse, trust me…

The forecast for today looked pretty much like the other days so far, except yesterday.

While I do go out when it rains – within broad limits – it’s obviously nicer if that can be avoided.

In the end, I think I even had more sun than expected, but there’s still a bit of a wind chill.

Also, I didn’t include the nameless climb – up to Les Villes – as a bonus, because I didn’t want to push my luck.

What I did, was difficult enough already, given the increasing back pain.

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Tour de France 2021 – Stage 4

Croix de Fer and Frumezan

Another mixed weather forecast today:scattered clouds, but with sunny periods.

And at the end of this day, I cannot complain. The Croix de Fer summit, actually just starting some windy kms before, plus the descend of the upper part of the Glandon where cold, but climbing is worse when it’s over 30 degrees Celsius…

I only did the Croix de Fer from Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne once and I had no good, let alone fond memories of it.

Back in 2012, it was part of our training camp for the Alpe d’HuZes event, a month before which I ended up in the hospital with several fractures after a crash.

I already realized that I didn’t recognize more than half of it on the way down during Friday’s Prologue and not because we took the Route Panoramique…

Anyway, I was a little weary to revisit this giant…

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Tour de France 2021 – Stage 3

L’Orgère and Valfréjus

When we woke up, it looked surprisingly sunny and the weather websites I checked, confirmed it would stay that way.

As I have a score of possibilities – I dedicated 5 posts to them – I spent some time on making up my mind for today’s ride.

In the end, I decided to go for the two climbs near Modane: L’Orgère and Valfréjus.

I didn’t feel like riding the ~23 kms to Saint-André, so I got on my bike past Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne, about 5 kms before the start of the climb up Porte de l’Orgère

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Tour de France 2021 – Stage 2

Col du Glandon – La Toussuire

Before I get to today’s stage, I’d first like to make a mends with our apartment owners, Christelle and Jean Claude.

Apart from the warm welcome we received – as expected from the visitor’s comments on – we found a basket with garden veggies in the kitchen: courgette, paprika and tomatoes.

We also found another basket with “regional products” in the living room, which we didn’t open until this morning.

To our surprise, we found two pocket knifes with our names engraved on them – all with the best of intentions, no doubt 😂

As to the apartment itself, it actually exceeds our expectations.

We’ve seen the pictures, but it’s not the same as seeing everything yourself and it’s always exciting to find out how those pictures have captured reality.

They actually sell the apartment short and there’s little left to desire more from it than it offers.

So, with that, let’s get to today’s Tour de France 2021 Stage 2…

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Tour de France 2021 – Stage 1

Col de la Madeleine via Col du Chaussy

While the weather forecast was not very good, it wasn’t raining as predicted when we got up.

So, after breakfast, waiting a bit more to be sure, I got on my bike in front of our apartment.

After the warming up to get to the Lacets de Montvernier, it first looked like that road was closed, but it was only the road through Pontemafrey that was under construction.

I started to follow the “Col du Chaussy par Lacets de Montvernier”, saw the 13 kms sign and returned back into town to switch on my GoPro.

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