Giro 2020 Plans

Contrary to my past ‘Grand Tours’, I’m not going to write a road book for my Giro d’Italia 2020.

Every time I put a lot of effort in it and while I usually manage to generally follow the stages I had in mind, I frequently have to change plans anyway.

This can be for any number of reasons, my advancing age probably not being the least important.

But, I’ve also suffered from a cyclist nodule and intense, hernia induced or incident related (back) pains.

Plus, the weather can be a force to reckon with and not seldom have I been cycling in near freezing conditions or ice cold rain one day, only to have my brain blown out because of the heat the next.

And while I have new climbs to discover during this Giro, I am already quite familiar with the area(s) and most of its climbs.

So, I can leave it that and you can stop reading if you’re no longer interested, but I’m writing down a few (loose) ideas anyway…

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Giro d’Italia 2015 – Stage 2

Würzjoch & Gardena

Because a ride to the start of the Würzjoch/Passo delle Erbe would mean a 20 kilometer descend to Piccolino to start with, I decided to pick that stage for today.

It would also involve the “whole nine yards” of the Gardena, from Ponte di Gardena.

Only two climbs – sounds like a rest day, right?

Well, okay – it was going to be a 130 kilometer round trip, but with an additional near flat of some 25 kilometers,  between Bressanone and the Gardena, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem…

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