Crash: Rewind, Repeat, Replay

It has now been two weeks and most Tweeps and Facebookers among you are already “up to date”, but just for fun I’ll throw in a free a blog post on my latest crash.

Wednesday, May 8, I was “on zee baik” for the 6th time in 7 days. Putting on more miles for the Strava “May Massive” challenge, just during a period of good – well: relatively speaking – weather.

In short, I was in a flow – or so I thought …

On my return, about 72 kilometers into the ride, I decided to go for a full 100 k again and did not take the shortcut home.

That would have been about 10 k more and even a bit further on, I was considering to shorten the ride a bit (by about 5 k). If only I had, but I was stubborn and 100 is 100 and not the same as 92…

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Tour of Sufferlandria 2013

ToS Leader JerseyWith today’s double “The Wretched” and “The Long Scream”, the 6th stage in the “Tour of Sufferlandria” is done and dusted. Just three more days of “IWBMATTKYT” and the whole tour is over…

I took the leader jersey – depicted in the picture to the left – right from stage 1 and it fits like a glove.

Anyone planning to take it from me, would be wise to follow an accelerated probability course.

To put it simple: a snowball’s chance to survive in hell, is infinitely greater…

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Ride with GPS

These are my latest activities uploaded to Ride With GPS and the YTD total. These only include activities with GPS data.

You can also view activities on Strava, but although my activities are public, my profile is not.

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