Post Race Report: Tijdrit Almere

Ready to get on the platformLast Saturday, I participated in the individual time trial ‘Tijdrit Almere’.

Despite my raising questions about the old venue, we didn’t learn until late on Thursday that there had been a ‘last minute’ change in both location and course.

I had already pointed out that there now was a slurry pit at the old starting location, which made that unsuited, and on top of that, there were also some ‘other activities’ on the old course, as well as road construction works.

The ‘other activities’ probably referred to the hordes of people venturing through the polder, either by bike or by car, looking for flower beds to take pictures of…

Anyway, late or not, the organization managed to find a new location, also offering an alternative course, which is nothing short of a miracle.

It’s not uncommon that events are cancelled because of last minute mishaps like these…

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Coming Up: Tijdrit Almere

At the start of the ITT in 2018This Saturday, April 20, I will participate in the individual time trial ‘Tijdrit Almere’.

A very well organized event in my backyard, in which I participated last year as well.

It’s a big event too: last year, there where some 420 individual participants and 68 teams (of 4).

There are three individual distances, a hand-bike time trial and a team time trial.

There’s a 5.5 kilometer kid’s TT for boys and girls, and the (more or less) grown ups can chose between 21 and 42 kilometers; the team time trial is 21 kilometers.

Besides the kids, participants are split into various categories: junior, senior and masters, although the juniors cannot participate in the long distance.

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Direct Power Coaching

DPC LogoA while back, I came across Direct Power Coaching.

This is a group of cycling & triathlon coaches, headed by Pav Bryan.

They offer what they call ‘Truly Personal Coaching’, so no standard copy-paste plans, but plans tailored to your needs or goals.

With ‘money back guarantee’ if you do not improve, so upfront there should not be any reason not to plunge into the deep, if this is your first ever experience with this type of coaching.

As it is for me – I’m not worried about the money, so that’s not an issue, but I’ve never been coached on a (near) personal level.

But, I think I could do with some help…

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VeloReality Promo

As follow up to my previous Indoor Training Tools Revisited post: if you haven’t tried Veloreality Video​ yet, now would be a good time to do so.

Remember that the software is free and works with just about any (smart) trainer out there, including Tacx​, Wahoo​, BKOOL​, Elite​ and any other Ant+ / FE-C capable device, including power meters.

To get you started, I have put together a three video package for just € 9.95 – it’s a mix of flat, rolling terrain and climbing rides.

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