New Toy

I recently got another bike, a Leader Fox Sonora MTB.

This post “explains” how that happened…

About a month back, my Canyon SpeedMax self-destructed.

During one of my usual loops, the fork broke – luckily, I was riding at low speed, as I just passed a cattle guard (prone to getting a pinch flat) and it was going uphill back onto the dyke I was riding.

Paula had to come and pick me up but I still needed to walk about a mile to get to the pickup point with a bike in pieces. Not easy on cycling shoes…

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ITT “Tijdrit Tri2One Almere”







Last Saturday, April 16th, I participated in the individual time trial event “Tijdrit Almere”.

It’s organized by Start2Finish, Tri2One being the main sponsor.

As the name implies, it’s in my hometown and the long distance is 42 kms, or three laps of 14 kms each.

Until 2019, this event took place in my backyard, the wide open polder outside the city.

I participated only once in that, before it changed the location to the outskirts of Almere-Haven – the oldest neighborhood of Almere – for the 2019 edition last minute.

The new course is following the dyke along the “Gooimeer” lake, so also on that one, there’s no hiding from the wind…

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Strava – Flagging Virtual Activities

(This is just a rant, so if you’re not into that sort of thing, stop reading…)

Not for the first time, I had (an old) virtual ride on Strava flagged.

(9/19/22: The link is to the Garmin recording, as my Strava account is no longer public, so the KOM is irrelvant now 😎)

I know that sometimes this is just done out of spite for losing one’s KOM, or because someone thinks that if you ride in ERG mode, your Watts are not really Watts.

(Trust me: I’ve been accused of “cheating” that way, see for instance: Rouvy Double Legend)

I often do not even bother to “appeal”, although this – flagging of a virtual ride – is against Strava’s own policy.

They will not implement a change making this flagging impossible, though…

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Indoor Training Tools Update

Disclaimer: this “Indoor Training Tools Update” post may, like the previous ones, get reviewed or updated every now and then. The reviewed tools / platforms also frequently get updates or added features.

As a result, I cannot guarantee that features or prices mentioned here are still accurate at the time you read this or any of my previous posts.

Over the years, since 2016, I’ve written about my experience with indoor training tools, most of which I have used or at least tried to use.

My two earlier posts are here (last updated December 2017) and here (January 2019).

Before we broke up, I’ve written more about Rouvy than any other and besides the occasional mention, I will not spend more words on them here.

(But I stick to my previous observations and recommendations on them. They’ve increased their prices to $12/€12 a month, no “yearly bonus” discount – the non-conversion of USD to EUR is weird…)

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New Gran Fondo Pages

As an ongoing display of “Too much time on my hands”, “I have no life” and “Do you not understand the futility of what you’re doing?”, the answer to that being “Bite me – I know you love it”, I have added pages for my favorite Gran Fondos.

They are: the Maratona dles Dolomites, the Marmotte Alpes and the Sella Ronda Bike Day.

Yes, I could have spared myself the effort of creating a page for the latter, as it is part of the long version of the Maratona.

Did you not understand the first sentence of this post?

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