Tour de France 2014 – Road Book

Less than a week before the start, the road book to Cyclopaat’s Tour de France 2014 has finally been released.

Suffice it to say that this year’s tour for professionals pales in comparison to this, at least as far as mountain stages are concerned.

First reconnaissance was done using the excellent “Cycling the Alps” website, trying to figure out how to catch as many cols in each stage as possible.

Stages were then drawn with the help of Strava’s mapping utility, listing segments and determining where the KOM points will be given.

Needles to say, we’re feeling sorry for the poor bastards that will have to endure this kind of insanity, inflicted by a race director as disturbed as the infamous Grunter von Agony, who will probably weep with joy and incorporate some of this shit in his next production.

So, let’s introduce the fools who have signed up for this “Mother of All Tours”, shall we?


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Tour de France 2014 – Countdown

Cime de la Bonette

Tour de France 2014 – Countdown

The image above is a panoramic view of the “Cime de la Bonette”, the loop around the top of the Col de la Bonette.

Similar to the one they created over / around the top of the Galibier, it was basically added to make it look more impressive and to “top” other high roads.

With the additional loop, the Bonette is 2,802 meters, the Stelvio is 2,758 and the Col de l’Iseran is 2,770. However, these are real passes and technically the “Cime” is not.

Both the Iseran and the Bonette are on the list for my Tour de France 2014 in June…

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Warming up for the Alps

We just had the warmest 8th of March ever – the temperature rose to a staggering 16 degrees (Celcius), which would not be bad for an average day in July.

Tomorrow, a new record will be set, as the expected high is around 20 degrees…

Much better compared to last week(end), which not surprisingly left me with a cold. Added to the back issues I had, the sneezing did not help over the past couple of days.

Still, I got on my bike Thursday, when the temperature was well over “normal” also. Because that (short) ride went well, I decided I was getting better and went out for some more yesterday.

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French Alps in Türkiye

Relaxing in Türkiye

Due to a lazy holiday in Türkiye, the Strava challenges for September and October did/will not bring new “records”.

Not that I care much – before going to the beach, I had a ball in the Eifel during, and the day after, the Eifel Cycling Classic and I really needed the time off “zee baik”…

(Garmin: and

For Paula, my faithful companion on most of my ridiculous cycling expeditions, it was a long overdue “holiday in the sun”.

Being Portuguese, the summer in the Netherlands was not that bad (July/August), but compared to the real stuff, to her it it was like it is for me to cycle in the south of my country…

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