Vintage Cycling Shirts

Here’s a link to a shop from an Aussie stuck in Italy due to the pandemic.

There are worse places to be stranded, but he may be getting home soon, now that it looks like we’re finally getting it under control.

Anyway, he has a very large collection of mixed cycling, dirt bike, triathlon and other two wheel sport cycling jerseys, bib’s and tops.

They are offered at ridiculously low prices – the Aussie understatement is “reduced prices” – and most are NEW or obtained from various cycling events and may have been worn by racers or participants.

Check it out, if you’re looking for vintage items.

Vintage Cycling Clothing on Etsy – you can also follow Colin on Twitter.

(Disclaimer: I’ve posted this voluntarily because I have a soft spot for Aussies – this is a free service and I’m not getting paid for it.)