A New Year

Wooden blocks for change year 2020 to 2021

To say that 2020 was different from any year I have lived through, is probably an understatement.

Nevertheless, it was also a year like any other, if I look purely at my cycling activities.

Sure, a couple of events I had entered to participate in, didn’t happen.

And we didn’t get to fly to Tenerife, where Paula would have been able to lay in the sun and I would have cycled El Teide 26 times.

But, Paula being the incredible kind better half I do not deserve, allowed me to get my cycling “holiday” anyway, as she offered to travel – by car – to Italy instead.

So, I had my own “Giro d’Italia 2020” and once again smashed all previous grand tours.

And myself…

Other than that Giro, I was allowed to cycle outdoors all through 2020, as I always cycle alone anyway.

We also had a week in the German “Seven Hills” area, which was less spectacular than I hoped for, but which still beats my pancake flat, below sea level backyard.

I also cycled a lot indoors, mostly using BigRingVR as a backdrop and finishing most of their challenges.

One of those is the “Mountain Goats League” with 49 climbs, totalling 1,073 kilometres with 56,430 meters of D+.

As I didn’t start seriously working on it until the final 4 months of the year, I had more than a handful with that, whereas they also ran a couple more challenges during those months.

Anyway, now that 2020 has come to an end, here are my 2020 cycling stats.

My VeloViewer stats for 2020

The Strava and VeloViewer stats are slightly inflated because of a few double entries, where I would register both the power workout and the virtual ride.

As frequent visitors (should) know, I usually control my Tacx Neo 2T with my phone via BLE and send the Ant+ channel output to BigRingVR or any other desktop app.

If I leave the power workouts on Strava for my personal reference, I mark them as private, but as VeloViewer also has access to those, the numbers match with Strava’s.

More stats are available on RideWithGPS, but that doesn’t have any rides without GPS data, so my “plain” power workouts, without an accompanying virtual ride, do not show up there at all.

The RwGPS totals are: 20,587.2 kilometers with 312,337 meters of D+ in 529 activities and 739 hours.

I always think Strava is bad with elevation, but I’m not sure RwGPS is a lot better…

Suffice it to say, I have been quite active in 2020 and it has the highest totals for any year since 2010.

This is also definitely related to the pandemic, as I had even more time available than usual, since my already limited “social interactions” and movie theater visits, were drastically reduced.

If you’re wondering why I wasn’t active all 366 days: I had two cataract surgeries 😎

As for 2021, I have no idea what that will bring. Before things will – hopefully – get back to normal, we may well be half through the year anyway.

We cannot make any plans that involve a flight, so for Paula the outlook is again grim, as any 100% sun guaranteed vacation will require flying.

As for me, I have my eyes set on the new Canyon SpeedMax Disc, to replace my current TT bike.

And (just) maybe, Paula will agree to another cycling trip, which would then most likely be in France.

So, perhaps I finally get to cycle (in) the Pyrenees this year.

At any rate, I hope that 2021 will be better than 2020 – that bar is rather low – and I wish my readers all the best.

Stay healthy, stay safe and cycle on!

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