Prepping for the Tour de Suisse

Keutenberg - not as scary as the sign makes you believe

This past weekend, the official Tour de Suisse came to its end, with two stages – 7 & 9 – that were in the area I’ll be cycling my own TDS in August.

I traveled to the south of my country, to test myself a bit on a hilly course.

Obviously, the area is no match for the Alps, but it’s good enough to do ‘hill repeats’, which is next to impossible in my backyard.

The wind is often referred to as ‘the Dutch Mountains’ and a headwind sure feels like climbing a mountain every now and then, but still.

From Friday to Sunday, I cycled some 270 kilometers, with around 3,700 meters of elevation difference.

I was a bit weary beforehand about whether or not I’d be able to get up the steeper climbs, but I think I did surprisingly well, considering where I come from…

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