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DPC LogoA while back, I came across Direct Power Coaching.

This is a group of cycling & triathlon coaches, headed by Pav Bryan.

They offer what they call ‘Truly Personal Coaching’, so no standard copy-paste plans, but plans tailored to your needs or goals.

With ‘money back guarantee’ if you do not improve, so upfront there should not be any reason not to plunge into the deep, if this is your first ever experience with this type of coaching.

As it is for me – I’m not worried about the money, so that’s not an issue, but I’ve never been coached on a (near) personal level.

But, I think I could do with some help…

After all, I have finally managed to over-train myself during the last quarter of 2018.

Apart from the usual effects and other less painful injuries, this resulted in a hernia and a bonus piriformis syndrome, which b.t.w. is as painful as a hernia.

I’ve been faltering through the last two months or so, trying to get my mojo back, but so far, without any significant result.

Well, I’m back to being able to work, so as a self employed contractor, that’s something, for I do not generate any revenues while being sick.

Which means the Rebel might just have to scrap one of his insane trips to the high mountains and you know what that does to him…

Anyway, I may also be able to sit on a bike, but anything more serious than a downhill, is quickly getting painful.

So, time to call in the army; as my previous tries with ‘off the shelf’ training plans, like the ones offered by TrainingPeaks, didn’t go very well, I approached Direct Power Coaching.

Pav is a qualified – level 2 – TrainingPeaks coach too b.t.w., so after I gave him my background and (possible) targets, he put together a training plan for me, which is now available in my TP diary.

I’m not quite sure I’m up to it at the moment, but Pav already offered me a super easy preparation plan to ease into it first.

I may just go for that first – I’ll keep you informed.


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