342GT VeloReality Offer

Here’s another VeloReality offer that’s guaranteed to give you many hours of high quality (1080 full HD) video footage to watch while training indoors: 3 Grand Tours for little over 85 Euros.

VeloReality 342GT Promo

St. Moritz Area, Switzerland, 6 parts
Beautiful ride from the Swiss Village of Chur, to the world famous St. Moritz, turning back from there and continuing to the town of Thusis. Stunning views of Swiss mountains.
Country: CH Terrain Type: Hilly Difficulty: Very Hard
Distance: 160 Km | Climb: 3294m
Uphill Distance: 56.7Km

Lake Garda to Passo Pozza, 4 Parts
This is a scenic ride from Lake Garda to Passo Pozza. The steep wavy roads offer views of mountains, valleys and meadows, passing through many tiny villages.
Distance: 72.6 Km | Climb: 2522m
Uphill Distance: 35.4Km

Garda Mori Loop, IT, 5 Parts
Very scenic ride in mountains and valleys not that far from famous Garda lake. A cycling paradise with lots of riders on the route.
Distance: 112 Km | Climb: 3355m
Uphill Distance: 52Km

Add all three to your cart, at checkout apply coupon code 342GT and get the Garda Mori Loop for free.

And remember, you can use their free software to record your indoor rides while playing these videos: https://veloreality.com/products/trainer-software/