VeloReality Promo

As follow up to my previous Indoor Training Tools Revisited post: if you haven’t tried Veloreality Video​ yet, now would be a good time to do so.

Remember that the software is free and works with just about any (smart) trainer out there, including Tacx​, Wahoo​, BKOOL​, Elite​ and any other Ant+ / FE-C capable device, including power meters.

To get you started, I have put together a three video package for just € 9.95 – it’s a mix of flat, rolling terrain and climbing rides.

Add these three to your cart and apply coupon code Cyclopaat during checkout.

0170 Niagara Parkway
Country: CA, Terrain Type: Flat, Distance: 50.1 Km | Climb: 111m, Uphill Distance: 4.52Km

0144 Scenic Byway 12, Part 1
Country: US, Terrain Type: Hilly, Distance: 44.8 Km | Climb: 336m, Uphill Distance: 11.6Km

0260 Col de Meraillet, Roselend Grand Tour, Part 1
Country: FR, Terrain Type: Climb, Distance: 18 Km | Climb: 1063m, Uphill Distance: 16.2Km

Software and user manual can be downloaded here – you may also want to visit their forum.

Enjoy 😎