Editing Fly footage

I recently bought both of Cycliq‘s Fly cameras: the ‘I have your back’ 6 and the ‘Your eyes up front’ 12. You can read Ray’s review on them, but this post is about editing Fly footage to compile awesome (looking) clips to share.

The Fly6 doesn’t offer any connectivity other than attaching the unit to your computer, or take out the micro SD card and stick that into an adapter.

The Fly12, which has Bluetooth and WiFi, has an accompanying app, which – imho – needs improvement for it to become (more) useful. Besides, at the time of writing, the app is Apple only…

So far, the only reason I have found to use the app, is to be able to add the tram line overlay. Perhaps the Strava & map overlay may prove to be more useful than the overlays I have been able to put on my footage with the help of other software, but it will still be a pain to trim your clips using the phone app.

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Action Cam Rebel

These days you see more and more riders with an action cam mounted somewhere. Camera prices have dropped and the technology has advanced to a level that lets you shoot footage that is actually worth watching.

This can be used to show that you weren’t bluffing about dropping the hammer during that group ride or Strava KOM segment, but – more importantly – it might serve as proof in case you are confronted with motorists’ less desired behavior.

Whether such footage will put an end to the ‘your word against mine’ debate remains to be seen. At the very least, it can be used to (publicly) expose such behavior, which is what we’re seeing a lot of right now.

Cycliq, maker of the Fly6 rear view and the Fly12 front view camera, has a section of their website reserved for not only that, but also the more funny and sometimes painfully hilarious footage shot by cyclists from around the globe.

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