Cols of the Swiss Stage

In June last year, at the end of my Giro d’Italia 2015, I rode an entirely ‘Swiss Stage’ including the Gotthard (Tremola road), the Furka and the Grimsel.

You can read a report on that stage here – it offered some of the most stunning views I have encountered so far and I am determined to get back there for more, during a longer stay.

We actually very nearly booked an entire cycling ‘holiday’ in Switzerland for my own ‘Tour de Suisse’, but that was put on ice in favor of another Giro d’Italia. The costs for a one week in Switzerland exceeded those of two weeks in Italy…

However, after experiencing the absolute beauty of at least the part I cycled, being quite different from either Italy or France, it’s clear that I must return here 🙂

In the meantime, I’ve completed the information pages on all three passes cycled during the Swiss stage of my 2015 Giro:

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