Sensa Giulia G2

Minion MistletoeMy new bike arrived just in time for Santa to wrap it as a Christmas gift – the Sensa Giulia G2 Project Paint Custom was delivered to him last Tuesday.

Although I was not amused with Canyon, who were unable to deliver the Ultimate CF SL 9.0 Aero I ordered with them, I was happy with that in the end.

When I searched for another bike, I came across the Sensa, which on top of everything else is “Dutch design”.

As this brand is also sold by my LBS, this means that if I have a problem or warranty issue with it, I do not have to ship it back to Germany…

And it was love at first sight with this “special edition” of the G2 – obviously, de gustibus non est disputandum, but my taste for dark, matt design, is no secret.

My own Element Cy 666 might have been a little frivolous by comparison, but – other than the special touches like my Twitter handle – it features the same lack of color…

Just under a year old, that bike has been demoted to “trainer bike” since October b.t.w. as I do not want to ride it outside anymore – I have experienced too many flaws in its character and it turned out to be an unstable element, causing hefty extra costs.

The good thing about it is that I do not have to swap the bike on and off the trainer, but financially it’s certainly not a sound development.

The Element was too expensive to feature as a training bike, but I do not want to ride outside and not feel confident about my bike.

There are many more pitfalls in riding a bike, as I have experienced several times over the past couple of years.

The purchase of the Element being the latest proof of that, when a car hit me and wrecked my beloved Scapin.

But one comment on Facebook mentioned that the Sensa made me look like Batman – I’m not certain that’s an absolute warranty that this bike will keep me safe, but I sure as hell hope so 🙂

I had to settle for (full) Ultegra, because the options were much more essential. These are: the A4 DARK Design + MATT Finish, Supra RFC 55 Elite DARK wheel set, Schwalbe One 25mm and the 3T Stealth set.

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