Sensa Giulia G2

Minion MistletoeMy new bike arrived just in time for Santa to wrap it as a Christmas gift – the Sensa Giulia G2 Project Paint Custom was delivered to him last Tuesday.

Although I was not amused with Canyon, who were unable to deliver the Ultimate CF SL 9.0 Aero I ordered with them, I was happy with that in the end.

When I searched for another bike, I came across the Sensa, which on top of everything else is “Dutch design”.

As this brand is also sold by my LBS, this means that if I have a problem or warranty issue with it, I do not have to ship it back to Germany…

And it was love at first sight with this “special edition” of the G2 – obviously, de gustibus non est disputandum, but my taste for dark, matt design, is no secret.

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