Flanders Revisited

View from the Muur

Exactly one year after I participated in the “Peter van Petegem Classic“, I revisited the Flemish Ardennes, for another episode of the Tour of Flanders.

Like last year March, Paula was going to participate in the Belgian Mahjong Open and I was going to cycle a bit – because the weather was not that great then, I was happy that the event was scheduled a bit later in the year…

But because I wasn’t sure about the weather and (mainly) because I am not fond of riding cobbles on my race bike, I took the Bulls with me this time. In the end, the weather was just fine: a bit chilly, lots of wind, but it didn’t rain. Even most of the gutters next to the cobblestone roads – frequently used when climbing – were more or less dried up…

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Spring is in the air

Happy lambApart from the occasional escape into an ever windy – and mostly still chilly – polder, the first three months of the year have traditionally been spent on the Tacx.

Not that I consider this punishment – riding outdoors is king, but my iGenius provides me with enough opportunities to avoid boredom.

Obviously, mimicking a climb by playing a “Real Life Video” is second best, but also the “virtual worlds” in the TTS software provide enough variety to keep you entertained.

Besides, the RLV experience is as close as I can get to the real stuff when it comes to climbing. Even if I would go out, the hilly environment of the south of my country is no match.

The Ardennes or Eifel provide more of a challenge, but still nothing like Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

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