Jean Nelissen Classic

JNC ShirtLast weekend, I rode a Gran Fondo in Luxemburg, called “Jean Nelissen Classic” – next year, it will be dubbed “DTC Luxemburg Classic”.

They redrew the course to be more challenging than ever and since I still remember the (hard) ride I had in 2009, I was certain it was going to hurt.

And of course, the forecast was good all week, so it rained at the start Saturday morning.

Plus, it was quite chilly – especially after the near 30 degrees Celsius we had earlier this week – so I left with three layers of clothing.

Since Paula was accompanying me along the route – not the complete ride, but we’d meet every 25-30 kilometers – I could easily get rid of the extra clothing later on.

In the end, I didn’t, because it stopped raining, but it remained chilly throughout the day.

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Tour de France 2014 – Countdown

Cime de la Bonette

Tour de France 2014 – Countdown

The image above is a panoramic view of the “Cime de la Bonette”, the loop around the top of the Col de la Bonette.

Similar to the one they created over / around the top of the Galibier, it was basically added to make it look more impressive and to “top” other high roads.

With the additional loop, the Bonette is 2,802 meters, the Stelvio is 2,758 and the Col de l’Iseran is 2,770. However, these are real passes and technically, the “Cime” is not.

Both the Iseran and the Bonette are on the list for my Tour de France 2014 in June…

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