Club Crap

Going over some of my old posts today, I noticed that I seem to be stuck in the Sufferfest’s Downward Spiral.

Despite the observation(s) I made when I received the bonehead award late February, I’ve continued to make the same stupid mistakes.

I fumbled in Flanders, got back on my bike before I fully recovered and then increased the stakes for the next BHA while freezing off my bike in the Hochsauerland.

And because I wanted to crush the competition, I followed that with a week of egghead rides, finishing myself off in Fourons…

So, last week I was feeling really great and joined Club Crap, the elite RPM troops of ClubVirtual.

I managed to put in a couple of sessions, hoping for things to get better.

The weather forecast for Sunday was actually quite good, so I’d go out again then.

However, looking outside Sunday morning, watching the seagulls not being able to beat the wind, I saw “Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate” written all over the skies and decided to crap on the Body Bike some more.

And because the first session went so well, I couldn’t help myself and decided to do one more, the immediate cause for this (lamenting) rant.

I should probably follow the example of a more sensible kindred spirit like Dame Ashley and write up a lessons learned report.

After all, I’m on some sort of mission also, because I want to perform when in the Alps this summer and this is probably not the right path.

Oh well, instead you can read about my next adventure here shortly, for this Saturday, I’ll be participating in the “Peter van Petegem Classic” – if I finish the 165 kilometers I signed up for, I’ll have a Belgian beer…

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