Giro d’Italia 2011 – Stage 6


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GPS of the MortiroloBefore checking in to the Alpen Hotel in Valdidentro, Toerbeest made a stop in Mazzo di Valtellina, so Cyclopaat could climb the Mortirolo (profile).

This climb is considered to be one of the toughest in Europe, but after the Zoncolan, any climb (here) seems like a piece of cake 🙂

Besides, the Mortirolo offers more shady – tree covered – stretches than the Zoncolan, which makes a BIG difference under sunny conditions.

And while the temperature at the foot was around 35 degrees Celsius, the temperature was actually dropping during his ascent, as opposed to rising when on the Zoncolan.

C. started his ascent from a quiet spot just outside the town and he found a good pace quickly. Although he didn’t cycle for a couple of days – or maybe just because of that – he was feeling good and he progressed steadily.

The stretch between 2.5 and 8.5 km is actually tough, but all in all this climb is easier than Zoncolan for sure, and not just by the numbers.

The only nuisance was a nagging pain in his lower back, probably triggered by sitting in a chair for three long days, while playing mahjong…

Since this climb didn’t hurt as much as expected, he was looking for a route that would bring him to the Gavia, but he was unprepared and didn’t know where to go, so they headed for Valdidentro*…

Oh well, 6 more days here and C.’s busy planning all kind of heroic trips 🙂

Today’s totals: 12.2 km / 1,397 altimeters…

* Obviously, I figured it out later…

The summit was as deserted as was the Zoncolan – I didn’t know then that there’s a tavern just a kilometer down towards Monno.

I could have asked for directions there, but that descend is leading in the right direction anyway.

Instead, we turned around and descended towards Grosio, as that is the shortest route to Bormio.

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