Indoor Training Tools Update

Disclaimer: this post may, like the previous ones, get reviewed or updated every now and then. The reviewed tools / platforms also frequently get updates or added features.

As a result, I cannot guarantee that features or prices mentioned here are still accurate at the time you read this or any of my previous posts.

Over the years, since 2016, I’ve written about my experience with indoor training tools, most of which I have used or at least tried to use.

My two earlier posts are here (last updated December 2017) and here (January 2019).

Before we broke up, I’ve written more about Rouvy than any other and besides the occasional mention, I will not spend more words on them here.

(But I stick to my previous observations and recommendations on them. They’ve increased their prices to $12/€12 a month, no “yearly bonus” discount – the non-conversion of USD to EUR is weird…)

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New Gran Fondo Pages

As an ongoing display of “Too much time on my hands”, “I have no life” and “Do you not understand the futility of what you’re doing?”, the answer to that being “Bite me – I know you love it”, I have addded pages for my favorite Gran Fondos.

They are: the Maratona dles Dolomites, the Marmotte Alpes and the Sella Ronda Bike Day.

Yes, I could have spared myself the effort of creating a page for the latter. Did you not understand the first sentence of this post?

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Update on the Previous Update

As I have nothing better to do – besides cycling and collecting the money for my extracurricular freelancing activities –  I have now also updated the “Been There, Done That“,  section with an interactive map.

Zoom in on any country by clicking on it, which will open a detailed map of that country.

You can zoom in further by clicking any of the included regions.

The French Alps and the Dolomites have the most markers, but you can zoom in on the Sondrio part of Lombardy which also holds a lot of markers.

These markers either link to an information page I created for the more famous cols, or reports of (all) the trips up the other ones.

You can find the overview map here, but it’s also in the top menu, divided by country.

While I was at it, I also created a (single) interactive map of the cols listed on the “Col Informer” page, just with markers linking to the individual pages, like the links in the table.

That map, you can find here.

Update: Been There, Done That

Just a quick note to inform you (who?) that the “Col Collector” page has been updated with (new) Tour de France 2021 climbs and some previously forgotten Austrian climbs.

The latter were cycled during my Marmotte Gran Fondo Hochkönig in 2017…

As a bonus, I’m attaching a nice 2021 Tour de France shot by Paula ❤️ and one by the photographer from Photo Breton

Passing the Pantani monument on the Galibier, during my Marmotte
Also during the Marmotte, my 🔟th ascend of the Alpe 🥳

Tour de France 2021 – Recap

As promised, I will conclude the reporting on my Tour de France 2021 with a recap.

I cycled 14 out of 15 available days and have my own stupidity to blame for having a “rest day”.

While I guess this Tour de France once again showed I’m (still) capable of pushing myself through – and over – my limits, there’s no denying that I will have to take it down a notch.

How much will also depend on my capability to keep enduring the back pain on every climb.

Sure, taking in the mostly overwhelming landscapes, the feeling of tininess when looking around and the stunning views are great “distractors”.

But I keep increasing the number of short breaks to ease the pain, which eventually do not help very much any more either.

On the upside, these enable me to take in more of the views and make pictures too 😂

Anyway, lets get to the recap…

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