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Rouvy Legend

After my ‘Tour de France 2017‘, I had a few spins in and just outside my backyard, but by October 1st, I was ready to start the indoor season.

As I own a vast collection of films with footage from just about every major EU/US climb, I have enough to watch while training.

These films are from Tacx, which basically means TTS only, but fortunately they can be used with Rouvy, and VeloReality. These cannot be used with anything else than their own (free) software, but like Tacx’s you can play the MP4 and WMV (older films) just fine.

I tried to avoid buying duplicates, which means I have some, but VeloReality is offering films Tacx doesn’t, mainly shot in the US and Canada.

My main app for training however, is Rouvy which has been my favourite for the past two and a half years or so (see my original post on indoor apps from February 16, 2016).


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How Time Flies

Izoard summit
Bless me followers, for I have sinned. Or more accurately: I have neglected you and I am sorry.

Well, I’m not sorry at all obviously, but I do feel a wee bit guilty that I have not even tried to find the time to write a post in months…

After all, this blog only exists for me to bore you to death with my ‘cycling adventures’, so I should have tried harder.

Anyway, let’s play catch up, shall we?


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Coming Up

I know y’all yearning for the report on my latest Tour de France.

I will just flat out lie and tell you I’m working on it, but the truth is, I have too many other things to do. Seriously.

UPDATES (somewhere long after my initial promise)

That was obviously a lie, but what can I say?

Stay tuned – it wont be long and I promise it will make a good X-mas Easter read…

Well, I made it before Easter 🐣

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Tour de France 2017 – The Stages

Since we will spend two weeks in Briançon for my ‘Tour de France 2017’, it’s clear that only two Marmots on the menu is not going to get me through those 🙂

As I have previously written, there are a lot of cols to be found in the area, so I had no difficulties in constructing a ‘Tour de France Road Book’ that made me shit my pants.

However, despite my normal lack of restraint, resulting in grossly overestimating myself, I had to promise Paula that for this year’s tour, I would at least try to cut myself some slack.

After all, I recently turned 57, which by itself may not be enough of an excuse to go easy on yourself. But coupled with the slightly discomforting physical problems as the result of several crashes, I might actually be inclined to keep my promise…

So, with that in mind, I present you a first draft of the stages I’m planning to ride! (more…)

Marmotte Or Bust

Podium of the 2017 TDFNow that the UCI Tour de France of 2017 is over, it’s just a short countdown to this year’s Vuelta. I’m a bigger fan of that race – and an even bigger fan of the Giro – than of the Tour, but I have to admit that this year’s Tour was not as boring as I expected.

Sure, at the end of it, we still saw the predicted winner, although I’m sure Froomey will be disappointed with his not taking any stage win(s) this year. But I doubt Uran was on many people’s favorites list and although Bardet was less unpredictable, he had to deliver a great fight until the end to cling on to 3rd.

And Froome was faced with the same problem Wiggins encountered (with him) in 2012: Landa seemed to be the better rider on several occasions.

Other than disputed decisions like sending Sagan home or not awarding the tirelessly attacking de Gendt the ‘Super Combative’, we saw Richie Porte crash out of the race. As did Kittel while in the green jersey and I would have loved to see the battle between him and Matthews be decided on the bike instead of like this.

Sadly, neither Contador nor Quintana were able to make a dent – not for lack of trying, at least on Contador’s part – but the wins by guys like Barguil, Calmejane, Groenewegen, Roglic and Boasson Hagen made up for that.

Anyway, the Tour’s done and the Vuelta will come to a conclusion by the time I start my own ‘Tour de France’ – it’s time I reveal more of my stupid plans for that event…

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